Hey there, Nafis here!

I'm an autodidact product engineer building useful software for the modern web.

On my free time, I learn from successful indie hackers & product developers across a wide range of topics - to understand the reasons behind what makes them the best in their game. Then, I distill all my learnings and share in my weekly email newsletter which I happily call: Saturday Already! 😅

And on this site, I share my thoughts on the web, my work, and (sometimes) my life. I write about productivity, tech, books and try to document my journey as much as possible. Read my story here.

Here's a few things I'm working on 👇

  • Create and manage a highly performant blog / personal site in no-time. For any category. Integrate with tools you love and use already.

  • A lightning-fast, privacy-centric form builder that allows you to keep your submissions where you need them. Accessible by default.

  • A drop-in feedback collection widget that allows you to collect feedback from users without having to write any code.

Check out all my projects

Spending my weekends building micro SaaS products that help myself and others be more productive while having lots of fun doing it. My current stack is mostly around TS, Next.js, Tailwind, & Firebase/Prisma. Most are open-sourced on GitHub and is contributed to by some talented folks.

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