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Hello stranger 😅 I'm Nafis Fuad, but you can just call me Nafis.

    Some quick facts about me 👇

  • 👨‍💻 Product dev
  • 🇧🇩 From Bangladesh
  • 🙈 In my early 20s
  • 👷‍♂️ Part-time indie maker
  • 🤓 Full-time nerd
  • 😸 Cat person for sure
  • 🤩 Obsessed with productivity
  • 😅 Jack of all trades, master of some

The longer version 👇

I'm an autodidact product dev who's obsessed with building performant SaaS and web apps. Started coding back when I was 14-ish as I was insanely fascinated with the web. Dabbled into pretty much all stacks since then but mostly sticking to Node.js & React now. Currently building (& breaking 😅) stuff at Creable 🦄, where I joined as the 1st Eng. back in Jan 2021 🎉 to enable creators, by helping them automate and scale their operations with next level software infra.

When I'm not coding, I'm most likely reading a book 📖 (or listening to one 😜), writing an article ✍, sharing a meme 😁, or shit posting on the bird app 🐦.

This Site

On this over-engineered, over-optimized site you'll find stuff I cared to document plus my two cents on everything. Think of this as my personal slice of the web.

Tech I Love As A Dev

I'm a generalist & I love trying out new programming languages/frameworks every weekend. Here's a non-exhaustive list of tech I have worked with AND loved -

  • Languages: Javascript/Typescript, Python, Rust, C/C++
  • Databases: Firestore, Redis, Postgres
  • Frontend: React (with Preact), Next.js, Svelte, etc for developing UIs, TailwindCSS & Styled Components for styling, Framer Motion & React Spring for animating, and Storybook for developing atomic components. Oh and some 50 million npm packages for everything else 😝
  • Backend: Firebase, Vercel, the Serverless Framework, etc for the core serverless architecture. And GCP for everything else.
  • Testing: Jest for Unit and Snapshot Testing, Cypress for End to End automated tests, and Percy or Chromatic for visual regression tests

Reaching Out

These days I'm mostly busy with my side projects and other hobbies but I would love to hear your ideas, challenges and problems! Feel free to send me an Email Or, if you prefer - DM me on Twitter

Note: Please don't spam me, and I'm not looking for any job opportunities right now. Also no, pretty sure not changing my mind any time soon.